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Food Assistance
The Ankeny Service Center Services
Our Daily Bread
Emergency Financial Assistance
We provide food vouchers ($10) to individuals and families in need to help them purchase food.  Often, this is used for perishable items, such as milk and eggs, that are not available at food pantries.  Individuals or families can obtain one gift card per month. 
We provide a variety of services to the Ankeny community, including:
This program provides bread and baked goods at our facility..  Hy-Vee North and Panera donate day old bread and baked goods, which we pick up and provide to seniors and low income families and individuals. We currently have nine volunteers who have given more than100's of hours of their time picking up and delivering the bread, Monday through Friday.
We work with other agencies to provide emergency assistance to families 
If you are interested in volunteering at the Ankeny Service Center, don't hesitate to call our office at 515-965-1976 or complete our Request Information form. 
Holiday Assistance
Transportation Assistance
We are working on a new program to for senior citizens in need of assistance getting to and from doctor appointments.  We are looking for volunteers who offer both their time and vehicles to help.  
We coordinate this program that helps families in need during the holidays.  This program assists in Thanksgiving and Christmas assistants.  An estimated $150,000 worth of donations were received, including gifts, gift cards, clothing and toys are donated by Ankeny Families and Businesses each year.  Community partners help assure the program runs smoothly, including area churches, the Lions Club and Project Fresh Start.